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All of our customers enjoy the highest level of service as well as a luxurious, elegant experience.
We’ve created a tranquil environment of beautiful, fresh aromas and sensual lighting that appeals to the senses and calms the mind.
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Best couples massage DC - Unwind Wellness Center, Washington DC
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  • Unwind Wellness Center - Adams Morgan

    Unwind Wellness Center - Adams Morgan

    292 reviews
    Unwind Wellness Center - Adams Morgan Location: 1990 18th St NW Washington, DC 20009 Phone: +12022322232
  • Cameron B.

    Cameron B.

    Within a few hours of posting my review, I was contacted personally by the owner, Antonio, to speak about my experience. I am pleased by their level of customer service - you don't get that with many places in DC - and it further contributes to the positive impressions I had of Unwind from my first visits.
  • Jenna C.

    Jenna C.

    I haven't even been in for my appointment yet, but their customer service thus far has been kind and helpful. When scheduling my appointment online, I accidentally scheduled it for the next day instead of in 2 weeks. I am out of town, so I obviously did not show up for the appointment and so, following their fair cancellation policy, I was charged. I called Unwind and explained what happened, and they refunded me (which they did not have to do), and they also helped me to reschedule the appointment for the correct date. All of this took place via phone and email and was one of the best customer service experiences I have had in any field!
  • Karl L.

    Karl L.

    I just had the most fabulous massage at Unwind Wellness Center. Ask for Max. Great Massage therapist. They have really good customer service too. Easy to book an appointment, and very warm and friendly environment. As soon as they greet you they make you feel welcome. Highly recommend UWC!
  • Kristina G.

    Kristina G.

    I couldn't recommend this place more. All the therapists I've had are great. Particularly Dalcizo, Osmar and Magnolia. Also the receptionist (whoever was working tonight 4/1 Monday) is absolutely awesome. She adjusted my appointment time since I was stuck in traffic and was so nice when I arrived. I appreciate that kind of customer service. I was super tense when I got there today and feel tons better. Thanks Unwind!
  • Joseph D.

    Joseph D.

    I was in town visiting and desperately needed a massage. I found Unwind on Yelp and made an appointment. Shortly after I arrived they told me my therapist was unable to come in and they asked if I would mind another therapist.  At first I was mildly perturbed because the massage was not starting on time. About ten minutes later Daniel arrived and we preceded with the massage. He was extremely professional and apologetic that I had to wait. He explained they called him from home to come give my massage. The massage was amazing and it made me completely forget the late start. He is very talented and attentive. I highly recommend him.

    As I checked out, I truly had forgotten about the delay and the change of therapists. The lady at the counter, who was very apologetic and helpful told me she discounted my rate because of the change in therapist and the delay. I thanked her and left.

    My experience was amazing and I planned on writing a good review. About ten minutes after leaving I received a phone call from the lady at the front counter. She again apologized for the inconvenience. She said she told her boss and he was unhappy with the discount and wanted her to give me a bigger discount.

    I applaud the customer service and professionalism of the spa. You have an amazing location, incredible therapists, and you nail customer service.
  • Nick D.

    Nick D.

    Um is there a way to give 10 stars? I was super stressed at work and needed a great massage. I'm so used to used Soothe because it's convenient (house call massages) However their prices have shot up plus I wanted a full experience. I read reviews upon reviews and thank god stumbled upon Unwind. The adage that you get what pay for holds true here. Every review raves about Max so obviously I had to request him he's such a kind soul who knows exactly how to manipulate your body to target your areas of need. He even used hot stones and towels during the massage - and the bed was heated! Glorious. When you flip over at the end literally out of the hundreds of massages i have gotten never once was I given a nice pillow except here wow it's literally the small touches that make this place stand out! I am so impressed :) will definitely come back it was a bit pricey $100 but worth it - if you check in on yelp or go 10-1pm you get $10 off!
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  • Unwind Wellness Center - Georgetown

    Unwind Wellness Center - Georgetown

    132 reviews
    Unwind Wellness Center - Georgetown Location: 1054 Thomas Jefferson St NW Washington, DC 20007 Phone: +12023333334
  • Kat G.

    Kat G.

    I booked a relaxing birthday party with a few friends at Unwind. The whole experience was amazing. The booking was very straightforward and streamlined. Once we arrived, the salon was beautiful and perfectly located in Georgetown next to Baked & Wired. They staff was very nice and the therapist were amazing.  Five women came in for massages and all five left very satisfied and happy to return. The owner is so sweet and provides amazing customer service as well. I completely recommend Unwind for everyone.
  • Juliet B.

    Juliet B.

    Beautiful and relaxing spa in the heart of Georgetown. I've tried a few different masseuses and by far Jewel has been the best! She is really consistent with the quality of massage, listens to your needs (places to focus on, problems areas etc), and is incredibly professional. I've only had massages here and can't wait to try more services.
  • Bee B.

    Bee B.

    This review is long overdue. I have been seeing Ebony for 3 or 4 years now, starting back when she was at M3 massage.

    I. love. Ebony.

    Ebony is amazing.

    She is fast, efficient, and one of the least painful waxers. I was pretty new to waxing and have seen a few other waxers (either because I was desperate because Ebony was booked solid and I had an event or because I moved an hour away) but yet I still drive an hour to see Ebony because they were just not as good as her. One of my friends went to see her as well and can also rant and rave about how amazing Ebony is. Ebony is also great about responding to you- I don't want to be chatted with while I'm exposed and getting waxed, I just want to put my headphones in and try to go to the beach in my mind and she lets me. My friend is much more chatty and they gab the whole time. If you want Ebony to talk to you she will happily do so, you just got to indicate to her that's what you want.

    I also saw Ebony a little while ago for my first back facial. Let me tell you, that was a big mistake because now I need to find more money in my monthly pamper/spa budget to get those back facials more often. It was the most relaxed I have ever felt in my life. It was an all around amazing soothing experience and my skin felt SO good afterward.

    The facility is also very nice, the entrance/lobby has a comfy couch to wait at and the entire place is clean with dim lighting to keep you relaxed and feels very posh. Having a cupcake store next door is also a big plus for a nice treat after you pamper your skin.

    All in all, I highly highly recommend Ebony and will continue to drive an hour into DC so I can see her because I trust no one else like I trust her.
  • Taylor H.

    Taylor H.

    I loved my massage. Yelena is amazing! Will be coming back soon. Everyone here is so nice and helpful. The whole experience is so relaxing!
  • Aaron L.

    Aaron L.

    Originally I had a poor review but I spoke with the Owner Antonio who provided supreme customer service and promised an exceptional experience on our next visit. If you have the opportunity, please book here! The therapist are exceptional
  • Kanchan G.

    Kanchan G.

    This place is really great. It's a cute place in Georgetown, with great service and awesome massage. I got a 60-minute Swedish massage, and felt amazing after that. The music was relaxing, and so was their decor. Definitely a returning customer.
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