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All of our customers enjoy the highest level of service as well as a luxurious, elegant experience.
We’ve created a tranquil environment of beautiful, fresh aromas and sensual lighting that appeals to the senses and calms the mind.

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  • Unwind Wellness Center

    Unwind Wellness Center

    153 reviews
    Unwind Wellness Center Location: 1990 18th St NW Washington, DC 20009 Phone: +12022322232
  • Laila L.

    Laila L.

    Let me tell you, I really needed to unwind. Badly, and before someone besides my kerjanked back got hurt! I had been looking for a new place since Healthy Self closed.

    Well, I just had an AMAZING 1 hour signature massage by Martina at Unwind.  I told Martina that I had a history of sciatic nerve pain since an accident, and she knew exactly where to focus to work out the muscles tension that aggravate the condition and gave me a little tutorial in kinesthetic science to boot. Relaxation and education! Now I feel about a million times better and like I can actually deal with the rest of the pressures of work and life, which is exactly how a great massage should make you feel.

    I also met Antonio during my visit, who I presumed to be the owner, who told me that he mentored with the founder of Healthy Self and that they were good friends. While I did not know the founder of Healthy Self, I'd bet that he'd give at least 5 stars to Unwind, too.

    I will certainly be back to Unwind, and I highly recommend this any Yelping friends reading!
  • Alicia T.

    Alicia T.

    The ambiance of Unwind is outstanding... very quiet, elegant and relaxing. The location is great, too, with easy-to-find parking (during the weekdays at least). Scheduling appointments is a quick and easy process as they always seem available to take my calls/emails.

    I've seen the acupuncture team, Annie and John, a number of times for a number of reasons. I've been very, very happy with the experience and the results.

    More specifically, I've seen Annie for a number of issues over the past couple of years, and loved her so much that I followed her to Unwind. She addresses menstrual cramps and sinus problems/headaches immediately, effectively and for a few days. So she takes away the need to pill-pop and all of the shakes and whatever other side effects that come with those pills, all with a few needles. Probably the biggest thing Annie saved me from was a thrown-out back. After three days of not working, walking my dog, or doing anything other than breathing heavily in bed, she gave me a treatment that worked fast and forever. I haven't had a problem with my back since!

    I was referred to John by Annie because she thought a couple of long-standing issues I've been having would be responsive to herbs (John practices herbs and acupuncture). With a single treatment John took care of one issue that I had been seeing doctors for for over a year! The second issue is currently being dealt with herbs which seem to be working.

    Both Annie and John are very personable and professional. I have never once felt rushed. They both are very attentive and reiterate information back to me that I'm always surprised they heard/caught on to. The craziest thing is when I'll tell them a symptom and they'll give me other symptoms I'm having just from the info they're taking in... Each appointment leaves me incredibly relaxed and awake if that makes any sense. It's a great feeling to be relaxed but not tired and awake but not anxious/fidgety.

    I haven't had a massage yet, but I've heard they're life-changing!

    Really can't say enough good things about Unwind. It's definitely a great, all around one-stop shop! I'll be back again and again!
  • Gustavo S.

    Gustavo S.

    Just had a fantastic massage with Martina! Definitely recommend it.
  • Krystal R.

    Krystal R.

    I've been looking for a spot that gives amazing massages. I've had a few in the past, but this is as wonderful as my last therapist back in Durham, NC.  The exterior of the building is very well kept.  You have to wait for the receptionist to buzz you in, but once you're inside, it's very homey.  The receptionist was very welcoming and offered me water and Hersey kisses while I filled out my new guest paperwork.  As soon as I finished the paperwork, my therapist, Danielle, was right there waiting to greet me.

    She led the way as we walked upstairs to the suite.  Once inside the suite, she reconfirmed the service and asked what my needs were for the session.  I booked the combination massage and it was the perfect choice.  Danielle exited the room while I got undressed.  The suite was nice and roomy and didn't feel crammed.  I loved it!  I had a lot of room to move around freely.  She gave me a decent amount of time to get comfortable and undressed.  

    I laid down on the bed and Danielle walked in not that long after.  Danielle is the one you should see when you get a massage!  She was amazing!!!  She is very holistic and has great energy throughout the entire session.  She does more of a body work massage, which is just what I needed.  If you're not familiar with body work massage, you have to try it!  While Danielle was massaging me, she was stretching my muscles and rotating/moving the body part she was massaging.  It is fantastic.  She was able to get into the tissue at different angles.  It hurt so good!   Lol.  It didn't hurt really, but you could feel the pressure and the tension being worked out.

    After the session was done, Danielle recommended that I come back within 4 weeks.  After I was done getting dressed, I walked downstairs to meet Danielle.  She made sure to check up on me before I proceeded to check out.  The receptionist asked how my service was and made sure that everything went well.  You know that I pre-booked with Danielle after the amazing session.

    I will be back next month and every month to see Danielle!!!
  • Mai F.

    Mai F.

    After a stressful week I decided to treat myself to a massage at unwind. I have been there a total of 4 times now including for a couple massage, aromatherapy and acupuncture. From the moment you walk in to the moment you leave it is a very pleasant, relaxing experience. I went in yesterday after a long day of work and feeling much tension in my neck and back. I called about an hour before and had no problem scheduling a massage. I was greeted by Anthony who was very friendly, kind and attentive. I then met my masseuse Paolo, a male massage therapist. I was nervous at first because I had only had female massage therapists before. However, Paolo was so kind and professional.  He was truly amazing! The tension in my neck and back are gone :). I will definitely be going back sooner rather than later. It was the best massage yet! I highly recommend going to unwind for any of their services but if you need a good deep tissue massage or any for that matter see Paolo!
  • R L.

    R L.

    This was a great recommendation by a friend of mine.  I had an amazing deep tissue massage by Natasha and will be going back as a regular.  She was courteous and really good at what she does!  I feel like a new person today!
  • Helen H.

    Helen H.

    I randomly bookmarked this place when I knew I would be in DC for work.  I finally made it there today for a massage.  Great place! Very relaxing and comfortable.  I booked another appointment for next week. Guicera was so knowledgeable and thorough.
  • N S.

    N S.

    I took my customer to this place. He was really satisfied the service he got.
  • Gwen H.

    Gwen H.

    My first experience at Unwind was absolutely amazing.  Like all the other reviewers, they were extremely courteous and friendly.  Though the place looks amazing, there is no pretentiousness.  Just comfort.

    I have a desk job so I tend to get some serious tightness and trigger points in my back and neck.  I received the Deep Tissue massage and my masseuse was Osmar.  He made sure to ask about the comfort level several times, and he worked the entire hour.  This is the only massage spa that I have ever considered having a standing weekly appointment.  I am already planning to go back.
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