Wellness or Integrative

Aroma Touch Therapy
This powerful technique involves applying essential oils to the spine, neck and feet to balance the whole body physically, mentally and emotionally. It also acts to support healing by removing toxins and waste from the body.
Great for athletes in particular, this treatment will keep your blood flowing, reduce soreness and help you get the results you want. This therapy involves placing heated glass cups over specific points on the body to treat a wide variety of ailments, including muscle tension, pain and inflammation. It is often combined with Gua Sha treatment.
Gua Sha is an ancient method of encouraging blood circulation by using a flat tool to gently “scrape” the surface of the skin. It feels fantastic and is as effective as deep tissue massage for treating many ailments. It is often combined with a cupping treatment.
Herbal Consultation
An herbal consult includes a thorough review of any discomforts or complaints, and a medical history. The patient will leave with a recommendation for an herbal formula to address their issues and promote better overall wellness. A typical consultation takes 45-60 minutes.
Lifestyle Consultation
A lifestyle consultation includes a review of the patient’s complaint, any relevant lab work or medical records, and current dietary habits. The patient will leave with recommendations for supplements and herbal formulas as well as lifestyle changes to promote better health. A typical consultation lasts approximately 60 minutes.
Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It helps the body to heal and balance itself by removing blockages where energy cannot travel due to trauma held in the tissue. Reiki promotes a healthy and balanced life by directing the “universal energy” available to all of us into the body, mind and spirit.
Asian Bodywork Treatment
Asian Bodywork is based upon Chinese Medical principles for assessing and evaluating the body's energetic system. It uses traditional Asian techniques to affect and balance the energetic system to treat body, emotions, mind, energy and spirit for the promotion, maintenance and restoration of health.
Polarity Therapy
Polarity Therapy is a holistic alternative medicine therapy based on the Ayurvedic medical system used for thousands of years in India. It focuses on energy balancing through reflexive bodywork. It integrates the mind and body, relieving aches and pains as well as mental and emotional stress. Polarity Therapy is non-invasive and safe for everyone, no matter their age or physical condition.