Body Services

Detox Body Wrap
Our mineral body wrap detoxifies and contours your body, drawing out toxins and impurities. The slimming and rejuvenating effects are immediate. Minerals nourish the skin, leaving it smooth and tightened with a remarkable improvement in the appearance of cellulite.
Relaxing Body Wrap
Our relaxing body wrap is designed to penetrate deeply, spreading warmth and relaxation through the skin and into the muscles for deep stress relief and a soft, smooth, revitalized body.
Hydrating Body Wrap
This body wrap treatment places special emphasis on rehydrating dry, dull and rough skin all over the body. The wrap process allows our extra emollient moisturizing agents to penetrate much more deeply than creams alone, for the softest skin possible.
Sugar Body Scrub
A gentle scrub with granulated sugar and essential oils will cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate, removing dead skin cells and moisturizing the skin.
Sea Salt Body Scrub
An invigorating scrub with mineral rich sea salt and essential oils will deep clean, exfoliate and tone the skin, leaving it soft and refreshed.